Champions League Cup Final 2003

Way back in 2003 Doctor Chocolate played in the Corporate Village for the Champions League Cup Final.  

This was a MASSIVE marquee and was full of over 4000 corporate guests.  Next to the stage area the Champions League Cup was taking pride of place on a plinth so guests could have their photo taken near to it.

We arrived the night before and had to be on site by 7:30am to set up and sound check.  This was an early start and probably the earliest that we’ve needed to be at a venue to set up but with a further 3 other bands performing throughout the day there was a lot to get through.  However, once set up and sound checked we were permitted to walk around the Corporate Village and the Champions League Cup was in plain sight with a security guard very much in situ.

So, we asked the security guard if he would take our photo and he obliged!  Crazy really!  But he knew we were resident on site on the day and were not about to run off with the cup!  It was a real priviledge to be able to hold the Champions League Cup if only for a second and a real treat for the band.

Not only did the event have 4 bands performing at various times throughout the day but there was the longest fuse ball machine, Playstation had brought in games stations and the latest games for guests to play on, there were contortionists, jugglers, stilt walkers, table magicians and the widest choice of food options we’ve seen!

Doctor Chocolate didn’t actually get on to play for our first set until 10:30pm so it was quite a long day to be hanging around but we were allowed off site to go to the cinema and a couple of the band members even managed to wangle themselves seats in the stadium to watch the last 20 minutes of the game between AC Milan and Juventus.

Doctor Chocolate are asked to play for high-end corporate events and award ceremonies and product launches all over the UK.  We know we have to be punctual, be on our best behaviour at all times, perform to a high standard and represent the company we are booked to represent and we guarantee your guests will have an incredible evening of entertainment.

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