A vibrant, professional 9-piece band based in Bristol.  Sensational singers!  Explosive horns! Tight rhythm section!  Professional and passionate about providing your event with an entire night of great entertainment.

Doctor Chocolate

Doctor Chocolate are an established, professional, vibrant and engaging party band and we have played for all types of events.  We are passionate about our performance and ensuring everyone has a great time and the dance floor is jumping!  We only ever play as a 9-piece band and we always bring our sound engineer to ensure the sound is incredible and full.  


If you haven’t seen the band before then check out our videos.   All the videos are recorded live at events so you can see how we sound/look.


If you would like more information, if there is a question that is not listed below, or you would like a quote please email or telephone Sarah on 079677 09018



Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Who are Doctor Chocolate?

A vibrant, professional and interactive 9-piece party/function/wedding band.  Doctor Chocolate have been established for over 26 years and have performed for thousands of events all over the UK and abroad.  Passionate about delivering an energetic and vibrant performance ensuring everyone attending has a great time.

What's the band line up?

Doctor Chocolate is a 9 piece band made up of: Male vocals, female vocals, guitar, bass guitar, drums, keys, trumpet, saxophone, trombone.  We also have our sound engineer so that makes 10 people in the team.

Do you scale the band size up or down?

We don’t!  Doctor Chocolate are a team of 9 very talented musicians and we only ever play as a 9-piece band.  This ensures our sound is always full and vibrant and always 100% LIVE!  If we scaled our size down we’d have to use backing tracks to replace the live musicians – and where’s the fun in that?

What type of music do you play?

The best music from the 1960’s to present day chart hits.  A great mix of Funk, Soul, Pop, Rock, Rock n Roll, RnB, Northern Soul and everything inbetween.  Our sets are packed with non-stop, high-energy hits all guaranteed to pack a dance floor and ensure everyone has a great time.  

How long do you play for?

We play for 2 x 1 hour sets.  We recommend the playing times are 9:30-10:30 then 11:00 until midnight but if these times don’t suit you – just say – we can adjust our playing times to suit your event!

Do you have a sound engineer?

Yes we do!  For every event we will have our sound engineer with us.

Richard ensures our sound fits with the venue (especially where they have sound limiters installed), but also mixes the sound of the band whilst we perform.  We don’t go anywhere without him.  So there are 10 people in the team in total.

Can we choose the songs the band plays?

Doctor Chocolate are an experienced function band with many years performing at events all over the UK.  We are experts in tried and tested set lists and we work hard to ensure our sets are full of high-energy, non-stop hits.  We know what songs work and where they work best in the set.

Have a look at our song list and if there’s something there that you don’t like let us know – but leave the song choices and the order up to us!  It’s what you’re paying us for after all!

We've never seen you - do we need to?

If you haven’t seen us then where have you been? Doctor Chocolate are an established party band and we have been performing for events all over the UK for over 26 years. Most of our work comes via recommendation and repeat bookings.

All our videos are recorded 100% live – there is no editing or studio recording.  Have a look at our videos on the music page and see for yourself how good we sound!

Do we need to provide any equipment for you?

When you book Doctor Chocolate for your event we take care of everything so you don’t have to worry about anything! We have an excellent quality PA system which is suitable for venues for up to 500 guests.  We also have stage lighting and some dance floor lighting. But we are fully self-contained.

How long do you take to set up?

Unless you have requested an early set up, Doctor Chocolate will arrive for around 5:45pm and will set up and be sound checked by 7:00pm.

If you require a set up earlier in the daytime just ask – there will be an additional small fee payable but we are happy to discuss your requirements.

How much do you charge?

Doctor Chocolate work really hard to keep our costs to the absolute minimum and keep our quotes competitive.  When we discuss your event with you we will ask you questions so that we can provide an all-inclusive quote such as the date of the event, the location, your timings.  Once we have this information we can provide a competitive quote.  Remember there are 10 people in the team but we are competitively priced.

How early do we need to book Doctor Chocolate?

We have some dates through the year that are available but as soon as you have a date in mind for your event we would recommend booking Doctor Chocolate as soon as you can.

We can hold a date if requested but only for a couple of weeks!  So as soon as you have a date – book us! 

Do we need to pay a deposit?

Yes please!  When you decide you want to proceed and book Doctor Chocolate for your event we will send you a contract so you have all the details.  A deposit is payable on return of that contract.  This secures the date for you and guarantees that Doctor Chocolate will perform at your event. The remaining balance would be due about a month before.

Can you play outside?

Absolutely!  We are asked to play for a lot of festivals, wedding festivals, charity events and family gatherings which are set up outside. We just need to make sure that there is some cover for the band for the electrics just in case it rains.

Do you have public liability insurance and is your equipment pat tested?

We do indeed!  Doctor Chocolate are fully insured with Public Liability Indemnity and all our equipment is thoroughly pat tested yearly.   If your venue needs to see our certificates we have these uploaded to the website so you can send them the link.

We have a company providing the equipment can you work with them?

Great!  We love working with other suppliers so if you have a professional installation company providing all the sound and light equipment then we are happy to work with them in advance to see what else we need to bring along.

Can you provide recorded music on an ipod/mp3 when the band are not performing?

We have several extensive playlists on our MP3 player – music to suit every occasion.   As soon as we have set up and sound checked we will put recorded music on.  This can be easy listening or, if you are keen to get the party going, we can put on party music straight away. At all times when the band are not performing we will ensure there is recorded music playing.

Have your own playlist and ipod?  Just give it to us on arrival and we can play your music through our system. Need a DJ?  We can bring along a DJ if you need one for a small additional fee.

What happens if we need to cancel?

Sometimes life takes over and events need to be moved or cancelled.  If you are moving the event to another date, provided Doctor Chocolate are available, we can simply move to that new date.  If you are cancelling altogether then the deposit is non-refundable as we would have kept the date free for your event and not accepted any other bookings.  Sometimes we are able to find another event to attend and, in those circumstances, we are able to refund your deposit.

What if you are ill?

For 26 years Doctor Chocolate have been performing for events all over the UK. We have played for thousands of events and we have NEVER let a client down.

If a member of the band is ill then we will book a “dep”.  A “dep” is another musician who knows our sets inside and out and can step in and cover as needed.  We also use a dep when a band member takes a holiday – we all need a break every now and again.  But you can be sure that the high standards that we demand for our performances will be upheld.

Can we use your microphone for speeches?

We have a spare lead microphone that you can use for speeches.  We would need to be set up and sound checked.  After this time if you need to use a microphone for speeches or announcements then we can sort this for you.

Doctor Chocolate

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Doctor Chocolate have an excellent reputation with 85% of our bookings from previous clients or recommendations.


Doctor Chocolate have been established for over 26 years.  That’s a long-standing reliable history of successful events.


Doctor Chocolate have NEVER let a client down and always go above and beyond for our clients.

Great Music

We are experts in putting together awesome set lists! Only tried and tested great songs are in our sets all guaranteed to pack a dance floor.


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The best in music from 1960's to present day

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