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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we book you and not another wedding/function band?

The band silhouetted on sheet music with a microphone in the foregroundGood question! Booking a live band is possibly a once-in-a-lifetime decision and it can be a minefield to know what to do!

Doctor Chocolate are experienced  with over 24 years of performing, have a great reputation with the majority of our bookings coming via people who have seen us before, are reliable – we’ve never let a client down, we spend hours rehearsing and choosing only the best songs/sets to ensure your guests dance all night long, we only ever play 100% live – we don’t use ANY backing tracks. We are interactive and engage with your guests, are lively and have fun on stage.  We are flexible and we listen to your requests and are easy to work with whilst remaining 100% professional. Our equipment is well maintained and excellent quality.  We have our own front of house engineer with us for every event to ensure the sound/balance is 100% right all evening.  We are fully pat tested yearly and have public liability insurance.  We are friendly, approachable and easy to work with.


From the first point of enquiry through to the moment we leave the venue after performing – you can be assured of a fully confident, professional performance.

Can we see you before we book you?

Yes! Entertainment is one of the biggest investments to your celebration and TaniaWeddingyou HAVE to be sure you are booking a professional, fun, reliable band that will suit your occasion.   Many of our bookings are private functions so it is difficult for us to invite you along to see/hear the band.  However, we try to squeeze in as many public events during the year that you can attend – just check our facebook page regularly for details. If we haven’t got any dates or events near you then check out the website. We have 25 videos – they were filmed/recorded at a charity event and they are 100% LIVE – there are NO backing tracks used ever.  If you would like you can attend one of our rehearsals and meet the band/listen to us!

Are playing times flexible?

Yes they are.  We recommend 9:30pm-10:30pm  for the first set and 11:00pm-12:00 midnight.  If these timings don’t suit your event then we can work around you.  Our aim is to make sure you have a fantastic event and that it is a success so we’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that it is!

Do we need a DJ?

We play for nearly two hours during the evening and also provide recorded music via iPod so when the band are not performing so you have music for the whole evening.  However, some people want a DJ too and we can certainly provide one at an additional cost.

What time do you arrive and how long do you play for?

Unless an early set up is requested we will arive at your venue for 6pm. We are set up and sound checked by 7:30pm and work around your evening – we won’t sound check whilst speeches are on for instance! Our standard quote is for two 55/60 minute sets during the evening – normally from 9:30-10:30 and then from 11:00-midnight.  We provide recorded music in between our sets to keep the party going and these timings work really well for most events. We can add another set if required and booked in advance although this will incur an additional charge.

6pm is a little late for set up for our event – can you arrive earlier?

Yes of course.  We can set up at any time and an additional charge will be payable. The amount charged will depend on the time we are required to be set up by and the distance to be travelled. Please let us know this at the time of booking.

Can you provide music during or for the wedding service and reception?

band 1Yes we can!  We can provide musicians of any style and number for any event.   Just ask when you book and let us know what you want!  Solo singer, brass quintet, keys and vocalist, pianist, smaller swing style/easy listening set for the church, reception music or whilst you are having a drinks reception.

Do we need to provide food and drink for the band?

Yes please!   For nine members of the band and a sound engineer even the most easiest and local of events can involve anything from 7-16 hours each.  We don’t expect you to provide each band member with a 3-course meal so don’t panic!  If there is an evening buffet/bbq then we are happy to be involved in this or, if a plate of sandwiches or similar can be provided in the band room once we’ve finished setting up, along with a round of soft drinks then this would be much appreciated.

What type of events have you played for?

IMAG0142 (2)Over the past 25 years we’ve played for thousands of weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, corporate events, festivals, product launches, proms, college leaving parties, themed events and everything in-between.  You name it – we’ve probably done it.  So you can be assured that whatever the occasion – you will receive a fully professional, lively, interactive and fun band for your event!

Can we choose the music the band performs in the sets?

If you have a song you really want played and give us enough notice we can try to fit it into a set.  We have something for everyone and guarantee a packed dance floor all night long!  We  know EXACTLY what songs will work and where – that’s what your paying for after all – our experience, knowledge, expertise and ability to get a crowd going! If you want to choose the music played on the night then you can always prepare a playlist on ipod or MP3 player and the band can play it through our PA system.

Can we choose the music played on ipod?

Yes you can.  We have a selection of playlists on our own band ipod suitable for any occasion.  However you can provide your own ipod with your own playlist.  We are more than happy to put this through our system.

What if things run late?

Doctor Chocolate are totally flexible.  We can start our sets earlier or later as required.  Just keep us informed on the night – we’ll be ready to go on at a moments notice.

Will we be charged if you play late?

We will play our two sets at any time between the hours specified when you booked without any additional fees.  Most venues require music to end by 12.30am and this is our maximum finish time.  If you are intending to run your event later then just let us know when booking and we will give you an all inclusive quote.  If your event runs really late on the night and the timings go over the maximum finish time that we agreed at the time of  booking then we can certainly perform later but there will be an additional cost payable for the additional time required.

Do you have Public Liability Insurance and are you Pat Tested?

Yes to both!  Our equipment is in the best condition possible. We are also fully compliant and all our equipment is pat tested every year.  In addition we have £10m public liability insurance.  Many venues ask for a copy of our pat certificates and public liability and these can be emailed to you to send on as needed.

How much room do you need on stage?

There are nine of us in the band plus equipment.  Ideally 15′ length and 12′ depth would be great, but we’ve performed on much bigger stages, much smaller stages and at venues with no stages at all, so we can squeeze into any space available.  Many of the band use wireless equipment we can move around the stage, dance floor and venue as needed!

What happens if a band member is sick or the band split up before our event?

Firstly, Doctor Chocolate have been going for 24 years and we are an established, reliable, fun band with an excellent reputation for reliability and performance.  We have never, ever let a client down.

We have worked with IMAG0142 (2)some amazing musicians over the years and each member of the band has 2-3 three rehearsed “deps” in case they are needed in emergencies. What is a “dep”?   It’s like an understudy – someone who knows our sets really well, who has worked regularly with the band and will be available if needed due to a regular member of the band being unavailable – lets face it we all need a holiday every now and again!  So although Doctor Chocolate perform as a 9-piece and have 9 regular band members – we also have a team of people we can call if needed.  We have an excellent reputation as a fantastic wedding, party and function band and we wouldn’t risk that by putting someone in the band line-up that wasn’t up to the role!

Is a sound limiter a problem for you?

Sadly yes.  Many venues have had a change of use to allow music and have had to install a sound limiter.  Sometimes the sound limit set is really low so only suitable for acoustic performers (no speakers).  We have, and we will continue to work at venues with a sound limiter installed but we would need to know the decibel level prior to confirming the event.   Sometimes the noise limiter set at a venue is enough for us to be able to perform and still loud enough to create a great atmosphere for you.  Our sound engineer keeps a close eye on the limit levels to make sure we don’t go over. Just check the decibel level allowed at the venue before you ring for a quote and we can advise you if it is within the limits we can work in. Sadly if we turn up on the night and a limiter is in place, if the band was not informed in advance, then we maybe unable to play.

What type of venues do you perform in and how far do you travel?

We’ve performed in hotels, country houses, schools, colleges, private family homes, marquees, football clubs, rugby clubs, cricket clubs the length and breadth of the country.  We’ve also played abroad for a 50th birthday party in Switzerland, the Champions League at Old Trafford in 2003 to 4000 people, as well as for a private birthday party in someone’s living room with only 15 people attending!  So we will travel anywhere we are needed, for any event, in any venue for any sized crowd!

Can we use your microphone and PA system for speeches?

Yes of course – as soon as we have set up all our equipment and completed the sound check then you are welcome to use our PA for speeches. We would ask that no-one goes on the stage whilst our equipment is set up without first checking with a band member.  Our sound engineer can be on hand to turn on the microphone and set the level for you for the speeches.

How much do you charge?

Doctor Chocolate are an awesome wedding and party band suitable for any occasion.  We are very competitively priced and work really hard to keep all our costs to an absolute minimum so we can pass those savings back to you!  No one event is the same – so each event is quoted on an individual basis.


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