Tony Hadley sings with Doctor Chocolate

Doctor Chocolate perform for hundreds of charity fundraising events all over the UK.  Established for over 26 years charities ask us to play for their charity events as they know they need to provide the very best in entertainment to their supporters and raise vast amounts of money for their charity.

A few years ago we played at The Brewery in London for the Child Victims of Crime Charity event and we had the absolute pleasure of performing with Tony Hadley from Spandau Ballet.  We were approached at the start of the week by the organiser of the event who asked if we would mind if Tony joined us on stage and sang with the band?  Would we mind?  We were delighted to be asked and it was an honour to perform on stage with this legend.

We found out the songs that Tony wanted to sing and had a run through so that we knew the song well enough to perform on the night.  On the day, we arrived and set up and waited for the diners to finish their elaborate meal and charity auction.  Doctor Chocolate started playing and the dance floor was packed.  A short while into the first set we saw Tony making his way over to the stage.  Doctor Chocolate then introduced Tony Hadley to the stage and all the guests were treated to an amazing performance.

The songs performed were Gold, Suspicious Minds and Let’s Stick Together.  Three awesome songs that really got the crowd singing and jigging along.

It was a great occasion and the charity raised over £80,000 on the night.  Doctor Chocolate had a fantastic evening and obviously the highlight was Tony Hadley singing with us.  All the while he held a flagoon of wine and his microphone in one hand – SUCH large hands, such a tower of a human and dear Lord what a voice that man has!

If you are looking for a band for your charity event please get in contact – Doctor Chocolate are hugely experienced at charity events and know how to whip up a frenzy with your guests, encouraging them to spend on the auction and raise funds.  We even offer the opportunity to come up and sing with the band as an auction prize and we give a discount for our services.