Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen Cover by Doctor Chocolate

Don’t Stop Me Now was a classic song from Queen and Doctor Chocolate have this beaut of a number in our set!  We have a live video recording of us performing this song at a recent wedding.  follow this link to our Facebook page and you’ll see our 9 piece wedding band performing this song.

Doctor Chocolate are confident of our sound and performance and we only publish live videos.  These haven’t been recorded in a studio, they haven’t been tweaked or re-recorded by a sound engineer, they are 100% live and recorded at a party, wedding, corporate event or charity event.

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If you are looking to book a band for your event you’ll look at a fair few websites and see videos of the bands performing.  When comparing these performances remember that a lot of the videos you’ll be watching have been recorded in a studio setting!  The musicians have recorded their parts separately and have the opportunity to re-record any bits they make a mistake on or are not happy with.  They then video their performance and it looks like the band are in front of an audience!  The studio technician then spends hours making sure that the video and the sound lines up and what you are watching is the final product!  It’s not real.  The band won’t sound like this live!

Doctor Chocolate record our performances on a small zoom camera at events.  We record our performances and we upload these to our website and facebook pages.  It’s 100% live.  There are no backing tracks.  We are confident that we sound great, we know we deliver a polished performance every time and we publish our videos exactly as they are with no tweaking or editing.  This way you know what you are booking and can also be confident of an experienced and professional live band attending your event.

Doctor Chocolate play for high-end corporate events and weddings.  As such, we can’t invite you along to see us perform so you are able to get a good feel of our sound and performance from our live videos.

So when you are comparing videos – compare like for like remember our videos are 100% live and a true reflection of our performance at events.

So have a look at our version of this Queen classic recorded live at a wedding.

If you want more information then please send an email to or complete our online contact form.