PLI and PAT Test

Many venues now require their entertainment to have Public Liability Insurance (PLI) and to ensure that all the equipment is fully PAT tested.  You can be sure that when you book Doctor Chocolate we have public liability and all our equipment is tested every year. What is public liability insurance?  Well if something happened at the event such as a faulty plug and it was thought that the band were responsible then the public liability insurance will cover the repair bills.  So your venue ask for this cover to ensure if this happens that they don’t have to foot the bill. What is a PAT test?  It is a routine inspection of any electric appliance that requires a plug socket to be tested to ensure that they are safe to use.  It’s designed to prevent electrical accidents in the workplace.  Once checked the equipment has a sticker attached to confirm it has passed.  If the equipment is faulty if it can’t be used again, it is destroyed and not used again. Doctor Chocolate invest heavily on ensuring we have the best quality sound equipment possible.  We take pride in our sound and performance and, with our current PA system we can play in venues with up to 500 guests.  Of course, if your venue is large and we need more equipment we can hire this in for you.  We are also happy to use any installation equipment at your venue. If your venue requires proof of our PLI and pat testing we can email this through to them.  Alternatively, if you prefer to deal with them direct we can email the documents through to you. When you book Doctor Chocolate you can be sure that we have the best in eqeuipment and we have all the insurances in place to satisfy the venue and protect you and your event.