Young Farmers Ball & Events

Doctor Chocolate play for Young Farmers Balls all over the UK.  Based in Somerset we are surrounded by lots of young farmers and they regularly hold events and celebrations and they really know how to party.

Hi Doctor Chocolate
Thank you for playing at the Culm Valley Young Farmers Party! It was fantastic night and since the ball I have had so many people comment on how great a night it was. You guys did such a good job, you brought the whole thing to life and made it a night to remember which was just what we needed after having to move sites this year and all the stresses that came with it!

Gemma Coles

Thank you Gemma! Wow! What a great night.  There were nearly 800 young farmers in the biggest marquee in the middle of a field in the middle of nowhere which looked superb! 

The band’s changing room was a caravan which was unusual but most welcome! 

Everyone looked amazing and once the band started there was a rush to the dance floor and the next minute it was full of revellers who sang and danced their hearts out for the remainder of the evening!  What a great crowd!   We’ve got some great video footage of everyone that we will upload soon!

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