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About the Band & FAQ

Doctor Chocolate are an experienced 9-piece wedding, party & function band.  Professional, easy to work with, with a fantastic and reliable reputation – you can be confident that your evening entertainment is in the safest hands!

Our sets are played with passion and energy with music that you can’t help but dance along to – no matter what your age or musical taste – and we guarantee a packed dance floor every time we play!  We  have a quality PA system and stage lighting so we not only sound great we look good too and we always bring our sound engineer making 10 people in the team in total.

So whether you are looking for an amazing wedding band, party band, corporate event, charity fundraising evening, school prom, birthday or anniversary party, an armed forces event or a festival band…. get in contact and tell us all about your event and your requirements  and we’ll provide an all-inclusive and competitive quote.

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    Corporate Functions
    Doctor Chocolate has a long history of outstanding corporate functions, playing for internationally known clients who demand excellence. Booking Doctor Chocolate for your next company event will result in a sure-fire hit!

    Classic Sets
    Doctor Chocolate performs from a long list of recognised party favourites, our music is sure to energise your gathering and make it a night to remember. Rock, soul and pop hits from the swinging sixties up to the present day.

    Making weddings go with a bang is a Doctor Chocolate speciality. You can read our latest testimonials from happy couples and feel confident about getting in touch.

    Private Parties
    Doctor Chocolate isn’t just a wedding band and corporate gig staple. We are happy to discuss any type of event, just drop us a line and we’ll create the party atmosphere you need for your next do whatever it may be!

    2 Hours of Live Music
    Doctor Chocolate is a hard working band and you’ll have a full two hours of live music through our top of the range sound system ready to go when you need it.

    Optional DJ
    Our nine member band plays two hours of live music, and normally we take care of the rest of your evening entertainment with recorded music or for a small fee, a Doctor Chocolate approved DJ.

    Booking the Band
    It’s really easy to book the band just use the booking form or phone Sarah Cox on 0796 7709018 or Justin Pavey on 07867791733. Our year books up fast though, so if you have that special date already, don’t delay!

    Supporting Charitable Events
    Doctor Chocolate loves to support charitable events and has a long history of fundraisers and special events; have a read about what we’ve done and get in touch!




    Who are Doctor Chocolate?

    Doctor Chocolate consists of 9 musicians and 1 sound engineer.

    Female vocals
    Male vocals

    Doctor Chocolate have two powerful vocalists, 3 x explosive horns and a tight rhythm section.

    This means we can play some cracking numbers from the 1960’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and 00’s – if the song doesn’t already have brass harmonies then we can add it in.  There are no backing tracks involved – everything is 100% live.

    Do you provide the PA system?

    Yes we do.  Our PA system is a QSC system and the sound is excellent, really crisp and clear.  Suitable for venues with up to 500 guests attending.  Have a bigger venue?  We can hire in some additional equipment if needed.

    Do you stay on the stage all evening?

    No we don’t! The majority of the band are on wire free microphones – so expect lots of on and off stage movement!

    What can we expect?

    A band that is 100% reliable, professional, experienced, interactive, lively, confident and fun.  2 x 1 hour sets of high-energy, non-stop music to fill your dance floor.

    What time do you arrive, perform for and finish?

    Unless requested otherwise we arrive at 5:45pm.  We are set up and sound checked by 7:15pm.  Our standard quote is for the following:

    We play for 2 x 1 hour sets between 8:30-midnight.

    Do you provide recorded music in-between sets?

    Yes.  We supply recorded music when the band are not performing.

    Where is the band based?

    Doctor Chocolate are based in the South West area with our band members living in Bristol, Taunton, Bath, and Cheltenham.  However, we travel all over the UK having performed in London, Kent, Cheshire, Cardiff, Newport, Stafford, Leeds, Newcastle, Cornwall, Devon and Manchester. We’ve also been flown to Switzerland and Italy for parties so can travel anywhere you need us to.

    Can you arrive earlier in the day to set up?

    Yes of course. There is a small extra charge for us to do this which we can include at the time of booking.  But we can arrive and set up by whatever time you need us to be.

    Do you provide a DJ?

    We can also provide you with a DJ for the night if you would like one. An additional cost applies but we work with some experienced and fantastic DJ’s that we can recommend.

    How much do you charge for an event?

    “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional – wait until you hire an amateur”

    Doctor Chocolate are a wedding, party, covers band suitable for any occasion. We are very competitively priced and work really hard to keep all our costs to an absolute minimum. No one event is the same – so each event is quoted on an individual basis and based on your requirements. .

    What does the charge for the band include/cover?

    The price quoted for the band includes the following:

    9 x experienced musicians
    1 x sound engineer
    Two x one hour sets
    Top of the range PA system
    Stage and dance floor lighting
    Van hire and transport costs
    Fully pat tested equipment
    Public Liability insurance
    Band arrival at 6pm
    Set up and sound checked by 7:30pm
    Midnight finish

    The price quoted to you at the time of booking will be the only cost you need to pay.

    Are you experienced?

    The band silhouetted on sheet music with a microphone in the foreground

    Totally! With over 25 years experience we are hugely reliable and have performed for hundreds of events.  Over 85% of our work comes from recommendation

    What songs do you play and will there be a good mix?

     The music played is from 1960’s to present day chart hits!

    How flexible are you? If there's a song we don't like can we take it out the set?

    TaniaWeddingDoctor Chocolate are easy to work with – it’s your event and we want to make you 100% happy!  If there’s a song or singer you really don’t like then we will remove that song from our set.

    How good is your equipment

    Doctor Chocolate have invested in the best quality PA system and equipment. This ensures our sound is clear, crisp and sounding great!  We also have our own front of house sound engineer at each and every event. Our equipment is fully pat tested yearly.

    Can we see any testimonials?

    We know that our performances have to be spot on each and every time – our reputation depends on it!  See our long list of testimonials from happy customers!

    Can we see you before we book you?

    Entertainment is one of the biggest investments to your celebration and you HAVE to be sure you are booking a professional, fun, reliable band that will suit your occasion. It may also be the only time in your life that you look for entertainment for a big event so you have to get it right.

    As many of our functions are private we can’t ask you along to come and have a listen.  Join our Facebook page and be the first to know when we are playing for a public event so you can come along.  If you can’t make that, See our videos that were recorded at a charity event in 2013 – they are 100% live so this is how we would look/sound for your event.  If we have a rehearsal coming up – you can come along and have a listen too!

    Are playing times flexible?


    Yes they are. We would recommend 9:30pm-10:30pm for the first set and 11:00pm-12:00 midnight. If these timings don’t suit your event then we can work around you.


    Do we need a DJ?

    If your event is due to finish at midnight then no, you don’t NEED a DJ too. We play for nearly two hours during the evening and also provide recorded music via iPod when the band are not performing.  However, if you plan on going on until the early hours or you want your guests to be able to request songs to be played then YES – and we can recommend a couple of DJ’s to you that we know have excellent equipment and are great with the crowds.

    Can you provide live music during or for the wedding service and reception?

    Yes we can! We can play as a soloist, duo, trio for your ceremony, reception or drinks reception. Just ask when you book and let us know what you want and we can supply this for you!

    Do we need to provide food and drink for the band?

    Yes please! For nine members of the band and a sound engineer even the most easiest and local of events can involve anything from 7-16 hours each. We don’t expect you to provide each band member with a 3-course meal so don’t panic! If there is an evening buffet/bbq then we are happy to be involved in this or, if a plate of sandwiches or similar can be provided in the band room once we’ve finished setting up, along with a round of soft drinks then this would be much appreciated.

    What type of events have you played for?

    IMAG0142 (2)Everything and Anything!  Over the past 25 years we’ve played for thousands of weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, corporate events, festivals, product launches, proms, college leaving parties, themed events and everything in-between.

    Can we choose the music the band performs in the sets?

    If you have a song you really want played and give us enough notice we can try to fit it into a set. Choosing songs to play and knowing where to put them in a set is more difficult that you may think!  But that’s why you’ve asked us to play for your event – we know what songs work and where they work – that’s what you’re paying us for!

    Can we choose the music played on ipod?

    Yes you can. We have a selection of playlists on our own band ipod suitable for any occasion. However you can provide your own ipod with your own playlist. We are more than happy to put this through our system.

    What if things run late?

    Doctor Chocolate are totally flexible. We can start our sets earlier or later as required. Just keep us informed on the night – we’ll be ready to go on at a moments notice.

    Will we be charged if you play late?

    We will play our two sets at any time between the hours specified when you booked without any additional fees. Most venues require music to end by 12.15am and this is our maximum finish time. If you are intending to run your event later then just let us know when booking and we will give you an all inclusive quote for your timings.

    Do you have Public Liability Insurance and are you Pat Tested?

    Yes to both!

    How much room do you need on stage?

    Don’t let the size of the band put you off booking if you only have a small venue!  We’ve performed in the smallest of venues for 20 people as well as the largest for up to 4000. There are nine of us in the band plus equipment. Ideally 15′ length and 12′ depth would be great.

    What happens if a band member is sick or the band split up before our event?

    Firstly, Doctor Chocolate have been going for over 25 years and we are an established, reliable, fun band with an excellent reputation for reliability and performance. In that 25 years, we have never, ever let a client down.  In addition, we have an excellent reputation as a fantastic wedding, party and function band and we wouldn’t risk our reputation but putting someone in the line-up who just wasn’t up to the job!

    We have worked with IMAG0142 (2)some amazing musicians over the years and each member of the band has 2-3 three rehearsed “deps” in case they are needed in emergencies.

    What is a “dep”? It’s like an understudy – someone who knows our sets really well, worked regularly with the band and available if needed if a regular member of the band is unavailable.  Lets face it we all need a holiday every now and again so will have some band changes on occasion!

    Is a sound limiter a problem for you?

    Sadly sometimes it can be. Many venues have had a change of use to allow music and have had to install a sound limiter as part of their licence. Sometimes the sound limit set is really low so only suitable for acoustic performers (bands that have no PA/speakers). We have, and we will continue, to work at venues with a sound limiter installed.  Our sound engineer keeps a close eye on the limit levels to make sure we don’t go over. You’ll need to let us know there is a sound limiter at the venue when you book so we can ring the venue and ask what the decible level is and advise you if it is within the limits we can work in. Sadly if we turn up on the night and a limiter is in place, and the band was not informed in advance, then we maybe unable to play.

    What type of venues do you perform in and how far do you travel?

    We’ve performed in hotels, country houses, schools, colleges, private family homes, marquees, football clubs, rugby clubs, cricket clubs the length and breadth of the country. We’ve also played abroad for a 50th birthday party in Switzerland, the Champions League at Old Trafford in 2003 to 4000 people, as well as for a private birthday party in someone’s living room with only 15 people attending! So we will travel anywhere we are needed, for any event, in any venue for any sized crowd!

    Can we use your microphone and PA system for speeches?

    Yes of course – as soon as we have set up all our equipment and completed the sound check then you are welcome to use our PA for speeches. Our sound engineer can be on hand to help with the level for you.

    Do you have bigger PA systems?

    For bigger venues with with large crowds expected, or outside events where PA is not supplied, we may need to hire in additional or alternative PA equipment too. This gives us all the information we need to provide you with a quick, accurate, all-inclusive and competitive quote – with no hidden charges or extras to pay!


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