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Valentine’s at the...

Valentine’s at the Winter Gardens

Where to go this Valentine’s evening?  Where can you find great food, a fun atmosphere and great music you can dance to all evening? A venue that can supply a 2-course or 3-course meal with a rose for the lady?

Whether you are planning a romantic valentine’s evening or a night of fun and laughter with friends and a bit of a boogie – buy your tickets early for the best party night in town!

Valentine's at the Winter Gardens

Doctor Chocolate are a 9 piece party band and will be performing at the Winter Gardens in Weston super Mare on Saturday 16th February 2019

Come and join us celebrate Valentines with a beautiful night at the finest venue in Weston, The Winter Gardens Pavilion, Weston-super-Mare.

Bring your friends, book a whole table for 10 people and have some fun.  This promises to be a great night with fine dining, non-stop music and sore feet from dancing the night away with music from Doctor Chocolate.

Tables and tickets are available now by following this link:

It’s going to be a fabulous night with lots of dancing and we hope to see you all there!  So spread a little love and join Doctor Chocolate on Saturday 16th February for Valentine’s.

Come and join us celebrate Valentines with a beautiful night at the finest venue in Weston, The Winter Gardens Pavilion,…

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I Feel Good – Cover by...

I Feel Good – Cover by Doctor Chocolate

I Feel Good – a hit for James Brown and covered here by Doctor Chocolate.

This is a 100% live performance from Doctor Chocolate and this link will take you to our Facebook page where you’ll discover many more live videos of the band performing at events.

We like to upload 100% live videos to our Facebook pages.  This gives our clients the opportunity to see and hear what the band sound and look like before they book.  Of course, other websites provide their own videos too but the difference is that we are confident enough of our performance and capabilities to upload only live videos which we record at events.

Read More about I Feel Good - Cover by Doctor Chocolate

We have recorded some videos and performances which have been in a studio and these are great – but we had the opportunity to re-record any bits that didn’t sound right or where one member of the band may have played the wrong note etc.  When we are performing at events we don’t get the opportunity to do this.  So why upload videos of the band that have been “tweaked”?

You can be sure when you book Doctor Chocolate that we will always play as a 9-piece band, that we will only ever play 100% live and there will be no backing tracks used.

So have a look at our Facebook page and scroll through the videos to get an idea of what we sound like.  If you want to you can come to one of our rehearsal nights and meet everyone and sit in for a short time.

If you have already had a listen, like what you see and would like more information, contact us direct by email on

Telephone 07967709018

Or get in contact using our contact page

Don’t Stop Me Now –...

Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen Cover by...

If you want to see a video of Doctor Chocolate performing live then follow this link to our Facebook page and you’ll find a lovely rendition of a cover of “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen.

This video is 100% live.  There are no backing tracks.  There is no studio editing or re-recording.  This is our 9 piece party band playing totally 100% live for a wedding in Somerset.

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When you are looking to book a band for your event you will come across a lot of websites and there will be videos of the band performing on all of them.  It’s all very well viewing videos of bands on their websites but remember many sites will contain videos and studio recordings of the band which gives the band the opportunity to re-record any areas that went wrong or were out of key.  These videos will not give you a true reflection of the band you are viewing and it won’t be the sound and performance you will be expecting for your event.

Doctor Chocolate only ever play as a 9-piece and only ever play 100% live.  So have a look at our version of this Queen classic recorded live at a wedding.

If you want more information then please send an email to or complete our online contact form.

Party Band for 2019

Party Band for 2019

When Doctor Chocolate say that we will fill your dance floor, we mean we will fill your dance floor!

If you are looking for a party band to whip your guests into a frenzy and have an absolutely STONKING night then get in contact for an all inclusive and competitive quote.  Don’t believe us?  Have a look at this video we uploaded to our Facebook Page in July 2018.

Read More about Doctor Chocolate Party Band

It doesn’t matter if you need a live band for a wedding, a prom, a birthday, corporate event, charity ball, sporting night, awards night, whatever the event you need an experienced and reliable band who have one aim: to ensure that your evening has the best entertainment with all guests having a great time.

A 9 piece party band with non-stop high energy hits played for over 2 hours.

What ARE you waiting for?  Email
Telephone for more information on 07967709018
Or complete our online contact form

High Energy Party Band

High Energy Party Band

If you are looking for a high-energy, non-stop party band then you are on the right website! When Doctor Chocolate say that we will fill your dance floor – we mean we will fill your dance floor!

If you are looking for a band to whip your guests into a frenzy and have an absolutely STONKING night then get in contact for an all inclusive and competitive quote.

It doesn’t matter if you need a live band for a wedding, a prom, a birthday, corporate event, charity ball, sporting night, awards night – whatever the event you need an experienced and reliable band who have one aim – to ensure that your evening has the best entertainment with all guests having a great time.

A 9 piece party band with non-stop high energy hits played for over 2 hours.

What ARE you waiting for?  Don’t believe us?  Visit our Facebook page and see us at a School Prom in action!

Summer Ball – Charity...

Summer Ball – Charity Fundraiser

Doctor Chocolate enjoy repeat bookings from our clients year in and year out.  In 2018 we again returned to one of our favourite venues in Yate, Bristol to play for a charity fundraiser to raise funds for the installation of a disabled access lift in a local church.

Charity Fundraising

Doctor Chocolate are a 9 piece band and we are often asked to play for charity events and fundraisers all over the UK.  Event organisers know they need to book an experienced and established band for their charity event in order to raise as much money as possible on the night.  Having played for hundreds of charity events over the past 25 years, Doctor Chocolate know how important a role they play in getting the crowd involved and invested in the evening in order to raise even more money for the charity.

Read More about Doctor Chocolate Charity Fundraiser

Experienced Live Music

Sometimes event organisers like to save money and will look for the cheapest quote and band possible. However, often this attracts inexperienced or novice bands looking for “exposure” but they don’t always have great equipment and don’t really know how to get the audience involved in the evening.  The sound may be loud or gritty and guests may not be able to hear themselves and then leave early.  There may be gaps in between songs where the band don’t interact or talk to the audience thereby losing the opportunity to raise more funds or having people walk off the dance floor.

Doctor Chocolate have a powerful and professional sound, using the best equipment possible, always having a sound engineer to ensure the sound and volume suits the venue and the audience, and will engage and interact with the audience to ensure that everyone has a great night.  This often results in people having fun and when they have fun they tend to donate more to the charity.  This is why you book a professional and experienced live band for your charity event.

So don’t be fooled into thinking that a band who will play for free or at a low rate is your best bet for raising money for your charity.  Pick a band who know what they are doing, are professional from start to finish and will enable you to increase your revenue from the evening.

Doctor Chocolate do offer a discount on our usual prices for all charity events.

To find out more please contact

Wedding in Gower

Wedding in Gower

For most of you who listen to the radio you will recognise the dulcet tones of Ian Downs from Sam FM.  We’ve known Ian for a long time and he has always been a huge supporter and lover of the Chocs !  Well, we are one of the UK’s top wedding and party bands with an excellent reputation, playlist and some pretty damn fine musicians and vocalists!

Read More about Doctor Chocolate Wedding in the Gower

Love of his Life

We were delighted when Ian contacted us to say he had found the absolute love of his life in Ethan and was getting married in 2018 in The Gower.  Did we want to be his wedding band for the occasion as he only wanted the best? Well who could refuse when you put it like that?

The Gower, Wales

The Gower is a  distance away from Bristol but Ian and Ethan were keen to have us ready to go by 4pm.  We set off early on the Saturday afternoon and arrived in good time to make sure our PA and lighting and all the musical equipment was set up and we were sound checked before the guests arrived.

No live Music After 10:15pm

Unusually for a wedding venue, it had a policy of no live music after 10:15pm.  We would have to cram our two one hour sets in before the curfew.  Normally an early start means the guests aren’t quite ready to get down with the dance moves but not on this occasion. For this wedding, they were all ready and eager to go!

The First Dance

Doctor Chocolate also managed to learn the first dance: Hooked on a Feeling.  Now this song is a bit of an ear worm, and there wasn’t one member of the band who didn’t have this rolling around inside their head for weeks on end prior to and after the wedding.  Such a great song!

Thank you

This is what Ian and Ethan had to say about the band:

“It was awesome, we loved it!!!! Thanks so much for an awesome awesome evening. EVERYONE said how good you were and how much they enjoyed it. The day was perfect and I wouldn’t have changed any of it. We had an amazing time, thanks so much for being brilliant and a big part of our day. I’ll send some of the pics across, we have some guest ones ATM but professional ones on the way! Lots of love


If you are looking for a wedding band that play high-energy, non-stop sets crammed with the best music from the past 6 decades then contact us for a quote!

Wedding Entertainment

Wedding Entertainment

Are you planning your wedding in 2017 or 2018?  Have you booked your evening entertainment yet?  If you are looking to book your wedding entertainment then contact us for a bespoke quote.

This may be the only time you have considered any form of entertainment for any event and you may not know where to start with it all.  Doctor Chocolate are an established and reliable wedding band and will take the hassle and worry out of organising your wedding entertainment away.

From the moment you first contact the band we will give you expert advice and guidance to help you through the process.  Here are a few things to consider when choosing your wedding music:

Read more about Wedding Entertainment

What kind of entertainment do you want?
Are you looking for musicians who can play whilst you walk down the aisle or sign the register in the daytime?  We can help as we have members in the band that can perform this for you: solo keyboards, trumpet, saxophonist, guitarist: duets of keys and vocals, guitar and vocals; a trombone quintet perhaps?

Are you wanting some light music played after the ceremony in the marquee as your guests enjoy some light refreshments and drinks whilst the photographs are taken?
We can provide anything from vocalists to steel bands and trombone quintets as well as string quartets.

Do you want to get the party started in the evening and have a live band to entertain your guests?
We can certainly help here as Doctor Chocolate have played for hundreds of weddings over the years and have an excellent reputation and following.  What’s more, we have never let a client down so you can be sure of our 100% reliability.  With the best songs in our sets, an awesome brass section, lively and interactive vocalists and a tight rhythm section we will pack the dance floor all evening.

Do you need a DJ?
We often find that when Doctor Chocolate are booked as your wedding band and wedding entertainment you won’t need a DJ as well.  We come with an ipod rammed with several playlists so we can play recorded music whilst the band are not performing – from background music whilst guests mingle to party sets later in the evening and inbetween our sets.  So you could save yourself several hundred pounds which you could use towards your honeymoon instead of a DJ if you book Doctor Chocolate.  Of course – if you are planning on partying until the early hours then we would recommend a DJ as well to take you all into the next morning!

What budget do you have to spend?
The budget you have available for music and evening wedding entertainment is one of the biggest considerations.  Often couples are happy to spend thousands on a marquee and decorations but sadly will often skimp on the wedding entertainment in the evening.  However, this isn’t recommended as the evening entertainment can make or break the whole event.  There are lots of bands available for weddings and it is a competitive area.  You can expect to spend between £900 and £1650 on a 4 piece band.  However, Doctor Chocolate are a 9-piece band with sound engineer (10 in the team in total) and our prices start at £1650.00 for a local event.  This is excellent value for money for a band of our size, genre, experience and performance.  You may think that is a lot of money to spend on a wedding band but it is highly competitive and you are guaranteed that your guests will come away from the day/evening and will remember your wedding for years to come!  Please don’t skimp on the entertainment as having an average band who are inexperienced will not give you the party you need for such an incredible day and experience.

What type of music do you like?
When considering a wedding band for your wedding entertainment you may think that your choice of heavy metal or swing for example will work for all your guests.  You need to consider that you have guests of different ages, locations and with very different musical tastes and genres that they like.  Whilst you may want heavy metal all night long your guests may not.  We would recommend you considering that your wedding band should play a really good mix and balance of different songs/genres so that there will be something in there for all your guests and to keep that dance floor full.  Otherwise you will find a lot of the guests leaving early and not enjoying the band chosen.  Doctor Chocolate have the best playlists and the best songs from the 1960’s to present day chart hits in our repertoire and we mix them up regularly to ensure there is always something for everyone.

Doctor Chocolate have performed at hundreds of weddings all over the UK over the past 25 years.  We have never let a client down and have always packed a dance floor and ensured that we give you and your guests a fantastic night of interactive music and entertainment and that any wedding we attend is awesome! Contact us for more information.

New Guitarist Joins Doctor...

New Guitarist Joins Doctor Chocolate

Doctor Chocolate is delighted to introduce you to our newest band member Graham on guitar.  Graham joined the team in February 2017 and we couldn’t be happier he is in the band.  An awesome guitarist and a thoroughly lovely guy too!

Graham is a popular and highly regarded musician in the South West and he performs with many different bands in the area.  We are pleased that he agreed to join us and he is now a permanent member of Doctor Chocolate.  With awesome technique and riffs on guitar he is definitely a fantastic addition to the band.

New Bass Player joins Doctor...

New Bass Player joins Doctor Chocolate

Doctor Chocolate is the ultimate wedding, party and function band in the south west and we are pleased to introduce you to the newest band member who joins us on bass:  Jo Line.

Jo is an accomplished and daptable musician playing the bass guitar, saxophone, keyboards and also covering vocal harmonies too.  We are delighted that Jo is joining us as a permanent member of the band for 2017 and beyond and look forward to rehearsing some new numbers soon.

Jo has played with Doctor Chocolate on many occasions and is a regular “dep” on saxophone covering our Steve Hacking when he is away on other events or touring.  So Jo knows our sets well and will fit in straight away.