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Wedding Entertainment

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Are you planning your wedding in 2017 or 2018?  Have you booked your evening entertainment yet?  If you are looking to book your wedding entertainment then contact us for a bespoke quote.

This may be the only time you have considered any form of entertainment for any event and you may not know where to start with it all.  Doctor Chocolate are an established and reliable wedding band and will take the hassle and worry out of organising your wedding entertainment away.

From the moment you first contact the band we will give you expert advice and guidance to help you through the process.  Here are a few things to consider when choosing your wedding music:

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What kind of entertainment do you want?
Are you looking for musicians who can play whilst you walk down the aisle or sign the register in the daytime?  We can help as we have members in the band that can perform this for you: solo keyboards, trumpet, saxophonist, guitarist: duets of keys and vocals, guitar and vocals; a trombone quintet perhaps?

Are you wanting some light music played after the ceremony in the marquee as your guests enjoy some light refreshments and drinks whilst the photographs are taken?
We can provide anything from vocalists to steel bands and trombone quintets as well as string quartets.

Do you want to get the party started in the evening and have a live band to entertain your guests?
We can certainly help here as Doctor Chocolate have played for hundreds of weddings over the years and have an excellent reputation and following.  What’s more, we have never let a client down so you can be sure of our 100% reliability.  With the best songs in our sets, an awesome brass section, lively and interactive vocalists and a tight rhythm section we will pack the dance floor all evening.

Do you need a DJ?
We often find that when Doctor Chocolate are booked as your wedding band and wedding entertainment you won’t need a DJ as well.  We come with an ipod rammed with several playlists so we can play recorded music whilst the band are not performing – from background music whilst guests mingle to party sets later in the evening and inbetween our sets.  So you could save yourself several hundred pounds which you could use towards your honeymoon instead of a DJ if you book Doctor Chocolate.  Of course – if you are planning on partying until the early hours then we would recommend a DJ as well to take you all into the next morning!

What budget do you have to spend?
The budget you have available for music and evening wedding entertainment is one of the biggest considerations.  Often couples are happy to spend thousands on a marquee and decorations but sadly will often skimp on the wedding entertainment in the evening.  However, this isn’t recommended as the evening entertainment can make or break the whole event.  There are lots of bands available for weddings and it is a competitive area.  You can expect to spend between £900 and £1650 on a 4 piece band.  However, Doctor Chocolate are a 9-piece band with sound engineer (10 in the team in total) and our prices start at £1650.00 for a local event.  This is excellent value for money for a band of our size, genre, experience and performance.  You may think that is a lot of money to spend on a wedding band but it is highly competitive and you are guaranteed that your guests will come away from the day/evening and will remember your wedding for years to come!  Please don’t skimp on the entertainment as having an average band who are inexperienced will not give you the party you need for such an incredible day and experience.

What type of music do you like?
When considering a wedding band for your wedding entertainment you may think that your choice of heavy metal or swing for example will work for all your guests.  You need to consider that you have guests of different ages, locations and with very different musical tastes and genres that they like.  Whilst you may want heavy metal all night long your guests may not.  We would recommend you considering that your wedding band should play a really good mix and balance of different songs/genres so that there will be something in there for all your guests and to keep that dance floor full.  Otherwise you will find a lot of the guests leaving early and not enjoying the band chosen.  Doctor Chocolate have the best playlists and the best songs from the 1960’s to present day chart hits in our repertoire and we mix them up regularly to ensure there is always something for everyone.

Doctor Chocolate have performed at hundreds of weddings all over the UK over the past 25 years.  We have never let a client down and have always packed a dance floor and ensured that we give you and your guests a fantastic night of interactive music and entertainment and that any wedding we attend is awesome! Contact us for more information.


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