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Doctor Chocolate 2017 – A new frontman

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Doctor Chocolate are an established 9 piece live wedding, party and function band.  At the start of 2017 we began our search for a new frontman to join us and take the band to the next level of sound and performance.  2017 is our 25th year in the business (and in all that time we have never let a client down which is amazing!) and we wanted a frontman with some pizazz, style and who would oooooze sophistication.  So we began our search for an awesome frontman.

Firstly we had to think about where to start looking.  We knew lots of singers and vocalists in the area but for one reason or another we needed to look outside the immediate area and look further afield.  So the band members sat down and came up with a list of what it was we were looking for and then worked out where we should throw our nets to grab someone awesome.

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We focussed on social media and mainly facebook sites for musicians and, as a result we received some great applications and links to youtube examples. If you are applying for a role in a band remember that it’s always a great idea to include any links you have that will show your skills and your experience. If you don’t, then it makes it really difficult for a band to shortlist you and invite you along to audition.  We found a lot of applications hadn’t listed any links so this made it difficult to know if they would suit the band or not – we didn’t want to spend a week auditioning – we had to start shortlisting first.

Doctor Chocolate discussed how we would know who the best candidate would be from the applications. The links on youtube would just show the vocal ability of the candidate but they wouldn’t give us an example of the showmanship/experience as a frontman and talking to the audience which we consider to be an essential part of the role – you can’t interact with the audience if you have a front man who doesn’t want to talk to the audience.

One of our existing band members suggested that we hold an evening in a local venue and invite along everyone who was shortlisted to join the band on stage and sing two to three numbers – engaging with the audience in between each one and introducing the numbers. We were planning to invite along our friends, family, previous clients and potential future clients to get their opinions too and do an X Factor/The Voice style audition in a live environment.

This was all going along smoothly until we received an interest from a couple of frontmen who had worked with the band previously.  That threw a spanner in the works and the band decided to hold a curry night so we could discuss the applications and the way forward…. well, what better way to have a band meeting?

We met up one chilly evening in January and sat down to go through all the applications and you tube links. After a couple of hours it became clear to us all that there was only one option available from all the applications received and a unanimous decision was made to offer the job immediately to the best candidate.  No audition was needed as we had already seen first hand the quality and callibre of the applicant.

We would therefore like to introduce you all to our new frontman. The illustrious, the smooth, the suave, the sophisticated Gavin Lazarus.  Gavin joined us in March and we started with a few rehearsals to bring him up to speed with the current set and then a couple of rehearsals to introduce some new numbers for a fresher more funkier set moving forward.

Gavin has a fantastic vocal range and can adapt his vocals to suit many different styles so we can try a few new genres over the coming months. In addition he has a lovely way of engaging with the audience, is confident and has a great (albeit cheeky) sense of humour!

Welcome Gavin to Team Choc and our 9 piece live band (10 if you include our amazing sound engineer as well)! You’ll all have an opportunity to meet and hear Gavin at some of our events in 2017.

If you are interested in booking the band please get in contact. We’d love to hear from you and quote for your event! We always recommend that you see/hear any band before booking them and we rehearse once a month so you can come along to a rehearsal and meet everyone! So call us today and have a chat about your event and ideas!


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