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What makes a good frontman?

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What makes a good frontman? Well, Doctor Chocolate spent the beginning of 2017 looking for a new frontman to join us and we had to ask ourselves What makes a good frontman?

So the band sat down and we worked out the skills and experience that we were looking for in a candidate and made a few lists.  As an excellent party band and wedding band, with over 25 years experience and a fantastic reputation, Doctor Chocolate have always had the ability to get any party started and keep the dance floor packed from the moment we start until the moment we finish.  Our frontmen have always been able to communicate and engage with the audience so we had a good idea of what to put on our list of requirements in order to shortlist the candidates.

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As so many bands advertise for a frontman at some point we thought we would share our thought processes with you all in the hope it would help you at some point too.  We also thought that if you were thinking of booking Doctor Chocolate in the future then it would be important for you to know that we are serious about our reputation and you know that you are in excellent hands from the moment of the first phone call until the end of the event.

We knew we didn’t want an inexperienced frontman to join us.  We needed someone who would know what the role would entail.  Doctor Chocolate are a 9 piece live band and we are booked for weddings, fundraisers, charity events, corporate celebrations, awards ceremonies, festivals, school proms etc over the next few years (yours included) and we have an excellent reputation to maintain after 25 years in the music industry as an established and fantastic party/wedding band.

So, we asked ourselves what makes a good frontman? 

Well, obviously a good frontman needs to have great vocals and be able to sing different styles and songs from different decades to appeal to all audiences.   So good vocals are esstential.  However, we know that there are some frontmen who’s voices are not always, shall we say, tuneful, but they have a stage presence which overrides any imperfections in their vocals. You could have the best vocals in the world in your frontman, but if he doesn’t talk to the audience through the evening, the audience would lose interest pretty quickly.  So vocals are important but are not everything!  The new frontman for Doctor Chocolate has amazing vocals, is always in tune and more, and is also a confident frontman!

From the audience point of view they need to be guided through the evening so they know what is happening and when. It may not sound such a big deal but this is an important role for any frontman and it’s easy to get wrong if the frontman is not experienced or confident in doing this.  By guiding the audience through the evening the frontman is also breaking down any barriers between the band and the audience too and this makes for an entertaining and fun evening.  Doctor Chocolate have always had an excellent reputation as a fun and entertaining wedding and party band.  We have great sets with some classic numbers from the past five decades in our sets that are played with passion and the sound is full and vibrant – a good frontman is the cherry on top and keeps the momentum going in between songs and keeps the audience informed.

Sometimes there may be technical problems on stage that need fixing quickly.  When this happens an experienced frontman would be engaging with the audience, so that any problems are sorted seemlessly and without the audience even knowing anything was amiss!  So our new frontman needed to be experienced and adept at talking to a crowd and talking confidently in between numbers.  Doctor Chocolate also have a fantastic sound engineer for every event so if there are any technical issues at any time then our guy is on it straight away and the audience never notices there was a problem.

With experience comes confidence.  A good frontman needs to be engaging, knowledgeable about the music being played and also extremely confident – if not the crowd would lose interest quickly.  So confidence is a biggie!  If a frontman isn’t confident then he/she won’t be able to enthuse the audience and keep them excited.  If they are not knowledgeable about the music, the song, the band or the event then they won’t have anything to say inbetween numbers.  But say it confidently and with passion!

Clearly spoken
Of course a good frontman needs to be a confident speaker over the microphone and have a good microphone technique.  If they don’t speak clearly into the microphone, they hold it right up against their mouth and mumble into it, or they shout into the microphone then the audience won’t understand what is being said to them, they won’t know what is expected of them, and they will possibly leave the dancefloor as a result. So a confident and clearly spoken instruction/statement in between songs is needed to keep that crowd enthused and engaged.  Enunciate Dhaling!

There’s no point having a frontman who isn’t enthusiastic about what they do. This goes hand in hand with confidence.  A frontman who loves the music being played, the event, their role, the band will be excited, enthusiastic and engaging with the audience. So an enthusiastic frontman is a must!  Good job that Doctor Chocolate have an enthusiastic frontman!

Know the event
Know your event.  Know your client.  Find out the names of the clients/couple/organisers of the event beforehand and ensure that those names are used throughout the evening.  For weddings, it’s important to know the couple’s names and use them, also engage with the best man/bridesmaid.  That way the audience feel part of the evening, part of the band, and it’s far more personable.  The frontman also makes the announcements in the absence of anyone else at the venue or as part of the wedding party when asked so a good knowledge of the evening structure is also required if you want repeat bookings and recommendations.  Doctor Chocolate have an excellent reputation and as such, we have a lot of repeat bookings through the years.  We always ensure we know what the event is about and who needs to be mentioned during the evening.  We also ensure we have details of any announcements that need to be made in advance so can make the “cutting of the cake”, “introducing the first dance” announcements we need to.

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