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Hygge – Weddings in 2017

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It’s that time of year when the colder evenings start drawing in and the weather drops down a few degrees.  That means it’s time for Hygge! What is Hygge?  Well it is Danish for creating a lovely warm atmosphere and being in your happy place.

It is also the time of year when couples start popping the question and becoming engaged.  It is then the time that they look everywhere for wedding inspiration.  They look to find their Hygge and happy place.  Doctor Chocolate could be your Hygge for your wedding!  We are all about making people happy, ensuring people have a great time, are comfortable and in their happy place.


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If you are looking for wedding inspiration you will be inundated with lots of options and decisions to be made. First it is the venue, the dress, the choice of bridesmaid/best man/ushers/flower girls and boys. Then it’s the menu, the cars, the flowers and all the little extras.

However, the evening entertainment is often left until last. This is probably the only time in your life you will look to book a live band. It is also one of the most important aspects of the evening to ensure that you and your guests have an incredible celebration. Please don’t leave it to chance – ensure you book a fabulous band for your wedding entertainment – find your Hygge.

Doctor Chocolate are a fantastic 9 piece band that have been performing at weddings and celebrations for 23 years. In all that time we have built up a reputation as a great live band that are reliable, fun, interactive and we have a lot of repeat bookings from people who have seen us before. Don’t leave your evening entertainment to chance. This is the time that you and your guests will look to party into the early hours.

Doctor Chocolate play for two sets, each of one hour duration. We have our own playlists on an ipod so that you have continual music all evening and don’t have to hire a DJ as well if you don’t want one and need to keep the costst down.

You may think that a 9 piece band will cost a huge amount of money and be outside your budget. Well you would be wrong! Ok, a live band is not the cheapest option out there but you can be sure that Doctor Chocolate are a highly competitively priced wedding band and we guarantee a packed dance floor as well as an impactive, lively and highly polished performance.

There are cheaper bands that’s true. There are smaller bands out there that’s true. But do they all perform 100% live or do they play alongside backing tracks? If you could pay the same price for a 4 or 5 piece band that play along with backing tracks (and also mimed) instead of a 9 piece band that are 100% live and are exceptionally good at their craft, then which would you choose?

You want your wedding or event to be talked about for months afterwards and have memories of a great night! This may be the only time you book entertainment so please don’t leave it to chance. Choose a band with a fabulous reputation. Choose a band with music that will appeal to all your guests no matter their age or musical taste. Choose a band that will keep your guests on the dance floor all night long. Choose a band that is 100% reliable and will turn up at your event and not let you down a couple of weeks beforehand. Choose a band that is experienced and know how to work and interact with any crowd of any age. Choose a band that is exceptional value for money and of a high quality. Choose a band that is easy to work with, that listens to you and your requirements, and will work with you to make your event or wedding exceptional. Choose Doctor Chocolate! With prices starting from £1550 we are not as expensive as you may think! That is for a 9 piece band, with a high quality PA system, lighting and also a sound engineer – so that’s 10 people in the team in total! Get in contact today for a bespoke quote



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